How Does Video-Based Learning Favours Learners?


Video-based learning creates a momentum, a staple of learning that is short, snappy and engaging nature. Naturally, videos captivate learners in numerous as compared to other mediums.

• How efficiently did our brain retain information via video?

Essentially, people learn expeditiously via video is because the human brain absorbs faster 60,000 times compared to reading text. According to a Psychology Today article “Video vs. Text: The Brain Perspective.” The analysts and e-learning experts has come to an understanding that video-based learning would significantly increases.

Considering the fact via, a learner is likely to remember only 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content, but 95% audio-visual content. This approach would increase the engagement of the learners to be attentive and enhances the self-learning.

• Video becoming an essential tool.

Video-based learning has become rapidly popular and an essential tool. Simply put, learners no longer prefer reading chuck of text, emails or online articles compared to watching a video. The reasons of opting in for video-based learning includes:

- Video are more persuasive compared to other mediums.
- Video addresses the different learning styles of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
- The increase surge of mobility in learning with technological devices.
- It would be a cost-effective learning method for professional education and training.

There is no doubt that video-based learning is the part of the future education. Creating a platform for students to engage and an unforgettable learning experience.